Dear Harmonia’s Customers,

By now, I am sure you have received plenty of COVID-19 e-mails from every company you have ever interacted so, I will keep this one short.

We are reminded every day the importance of washing our hands frequently and even given instructions on how to wash them properly and the duration of the action. With all this hand-washing using a “good” soap really makes a difference.

So, let me remind you what makes OUR soap special!

  • -It is made with certified organic nourishing oils and butters.
  • -It is scented with pure essential oils and not with synthetic and artificial fragrances.
  • -It is colored with herbs -not mica.
  • -It creates a rich lather yet, it does not contain any foaming agents and detergents.
  • -It is skin compatible and won’t strip your skin from its natural oils.


You will find a selection of our amazing soap on our website.

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Stay well and healthy,

Tania Tawfik

co-Founder/ CEO

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