Our top quality soap bars are formulated with the highest quality certified organic oils and are scented with the
purest essential oils.

The ingredients we use are produced sustainably and in accordance with USDA Organic Standards.

To make our soaps we use the cold processed method and therefore, the bars retain their natural glycerin that is produced during the saponification process, which helps in maintaining the skin’s hydration.

Our special plant based oil blend delivers soaps with a creamy and fluffy lather that won’t strip your skin from its natural oils while cleansing it.

You will never find any synthetic ingredients, detergents, or lathering agents in our soaps.

1 review for Shea-Honey-Oatmeal

  1. Dawn Pinkney

    This soap is absolutely amazing. I have really bad eczema and my entire arms were completely broken out and discolored not to mention how itchy I was. After one week and one bar of this soap my skin stopped itching and the discoloration was just about back to normal. I just purchased six more bars and I will definitely be continuing to purchase this product as it has completely changed the way my arms look.

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(1 customer review)

ORGANIC SUNFLOWER OIL: is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E -which benefits sensitive skin, and produces a great lather that is incredibly conditioning to the skin.

ORGANIC VIRGIN COCONUT OIL: is a super cleansing oil that gives our soaps a big fluffy lather.

ORGANIC PALM OIL (SUSTAINABLE): is high in palmitic acid which makes a hard lasting soap.

ORGANIC SAFFLOWER OIL: is a high conditioning and moisturizing oil.

ORGANIC OATS: helps reduce itching and inflammation and can help treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER: is super moisturizing and soothes skin, it restores elasticity, and provides relief to itchy skin.

HONEY: this "liquid gold" hydrates, moisturizes, and soothes skin.


saponified organic oils of sunflower, coconut, palm (sustainable), and safflower (with retained glycerin);

water; organic oats, organic shea butter, honey; rosemary extract


This special blend works great on people suffering from eczema. It is also suitable for infants and young kids since the combination of organic shea butter, honey, and soothing oatmeal makes it extra moisturizing.


Let your soap air dry between uses by using a soap dish or a soap saver to make your bar last longer.